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Are you an amazon seller and struggling to get sales for your products? Is your PPC cost out of control and the ad spending eating away any profit you are making?

Well, you are not alone.  Thousands of sellers struggle with the same issue unless they know what they are doing. Here at we have everything you need to achieve the best possible result with your Amazon business

So stop wasting your money & time and get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you




Managed Seller Account

If you have an Amazon business that is becoming too big for you to manage then let our experienced team to manage the business for you. When we manage your account we make sure there is an Account Manager looking over the entire operation.

Then there will be experts such as Marketing experts, Product research and sourcing experts, Design experts - taking care of respective aspects of your business. Rest assured, your business will be in good hands.

If you are only starting off and not sure whether this service will be required for you; get in touch and we can discuss about how we can help you out.


Product Photography

Need stunning images for your product without costing an arm and leg? Yep, we can do that for you. Product images are the most important asset for your eCommerce business. When your potential customers visit your Amazon page or website, they make the purchase decision based on what they see in the images you've uploaded. This is one of the most ignored features of ecom business. And serious ecom sellers make extra effort to deliver best quality images to showcase their products.

Check out our portfolio that includes white background images, lifestyle images, 3D modes, infographics and instructional drawings


Product Research & Sourcing

For Amazon Sellers the journey begins by finding the right product to sell. Only a data backed and well researched product can sustain long term profitability. We use our years of experience and market awareness in combination of intelligence tools to come up with a product research that suits your business goals and preferences.

Once a product is selected the next step is to find a manufacturer that can turn your design and dream into a live product. Our on field manpower in global manufacturers hubs like China and Taiwan can help you to find the best supplier for your product. 


PPC & Digital Marketing

Success of your Amazon product almost entirely depends on how well you are marketing your product. We help our clients to setup and maintain PPC campaign which gets the best ACoS possible and highest number of sales.

But marketing for your amazon product doesn't only mean running PPC ads. You can use Facebook, Adwords and Influencer Marketing to take your product to the maximum number of potential buyers. We provide full digital marketing solution for our clients.

Only a well planned marketing strategy will lead your amazon business to positive ROI and future growth. So get in touch with us and find out how we can help you achieve better results.


Case Study 1

A women's beauty product did manage to do around $30k worth of revenue on 2017 but the owners decided to go bigger on 2018. So they reached out to us and we started working from July keeping the holiday season in mind.

We first worked with their long tail keywords and ran PPC on them to rank them on page one. Then around September we started going heavy on the high volume keywords and within a month and half we got most of the big keywords within top of page one of the search result. The investment gave them good returns during the holiday period and they are still scaling up. 


Case Study 2

A kitchen and household items seller on Amazon reached out to us and asked for help with their PPC and launching of new products.

This client already had 28 successful products and knew very well about the Amazon game. Yet, with the recent changes in PPC they were struggling to maintain good ACoS for their legacy products and was bleeding too much money launching new products.

We onboarded them by performing listing audit and provided them with a complete marketing strategy. 

The products they sold and planned to launch were belonged to niches that were extremely saturated. So we had to come up with specific plans for them. After 2 weeks of testing few different strategies we settled on following - 
  • Regular Ad Optimisation - We kept close eyes on how each campaigns were performing. We made sure that each keyword got decent portion of the daily budget as it often happens that one single keyword eats away all of the daily budget leaving not much for the rest. We updated campaigns on a daily basis to ensure even distribution of budget and impressions. 
  • Crushing Competitors - Winning on Amazon doesn't always mean that if you only do your part right then it will come across well for your at then end. Because you aren't the only seller on Amazon. For you to move ahead your product needs to crush the competitions. One of the ways of doing that is by leveraging other successful product's exposure to your advantage. We do this by running category specific specialised campaigns. 
  • Building the Brand - Ultimately building your brand recognition should be the priority of all your marketing efforts. We all buy Nike or Adidas shoes not because we happen to see their ad while browsing but because these brands have created such recognition among consumers that we all go and look for them. Your approach shouldn't be any different than that. That is why when we run ads; specially the ads that are ran outside of Amazon such as Facebook or Google Adwords we focus on building your brand.

With all the above mentioned efforts we ended up achieving following results - 


Case Study 3

In early 2019 everyone related to selling on Amazon was presented with a huge conundrum. And that is - whether or not to invest more on Amazon PPC. Because at that time running ads on other platfrom such as Google and Facebook seemed better, at lease ROI wise.

On the other hand Amazon's own PPC started to become very expensive. That meant more seller were trying to find ways to avoid Amazon PPC.

We remained convinced that Amazon's PPC is the way to go forward. You get this right and you'll have no problem selling well on Amazon.

This particular client only launched with one product and managed to achieve 3000% sales growth in less than 30 days entirely depending on Amazon PPC. They have since introduced 6 more products and projected to do around $1.2 million in sales before 2019 ends. 


Case Study 4

The seller has started selling early 2019 with just one product. Apart from getting bit of slow period during May they are only going upwards in terms of revenue generated.

We had the privilege of testing few new strategy as the seller gave us full freedom on doing whatever we wanted to do with the account.

As a part of the testing we tried out less used campaign strategies like 'Product Page Only' PPC and phrase match biddings. So far it has been working well but we may need to switch back to our core PPC strategy as we are approaching the holiday season. 


Case Study 5

Growth during slow times - June and July are the slowest two months in the whole year. In a way these times are tricky because a lot of the sellers don't know how to react to slowness of the market.

It's easy to get panic from low sales number and as a reaction most sellers end up running high bid high budget PPC campaigns which then results in even bigger loss.

However doing things right during this period can set the tone of how well you will do during the holiday period in November-December.

We have found a the best way to hold onto your sales momentum during slow period while increasing ranking position. Instead of losing on valuable PPC $ we use this time to build better positioning for the busiest time of the year.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you to find the right balance of Amazon PPC marketing during slow period. 



Find and sell products that no one else is selling. This doesn't mean you can only sell weird items. Try to add a unique feature into your products that will set yourself apart from competitors.

Here at ACoS Pro we use live market data and combine that our years of experiences in finding you the right products to start with selling on Amazon 


Do not chase behind 'buyers'. Find the 'fans' of your product who will come back to buy from your again and again. Most successful business get their 40% sales from repeat buyers



Unless your are producing your product by yourself your are largely dependent on your supplier to produce you the best quality products for you.

You need to build a good relationship with your supplier so that things become about more than just money


It's cliche to mention about Apple. But hey they are only the best company in the world. Do you know how they got there? By never hesitating spending over R&D. Keep digging, even when you have reached to the top of your business goals


Among all the product launches we manage we have counted the average ACoS at different time point since the time it was launched.


1 Month

3 Months

6 Months











As a new Amazon seller wour priority was to find the right products to start with. While we had some emotional attachment towards few products soon we realized those weren't the best products to sell on amazon. ACoS Pro's team has helped us to find some really good product opportunities and also their suppliers in China. We have complete faith on them in running our Amazon business. 

Harry Ord
Amazon Seller of Kitchen Products, New York, USA

ACoS Pro's account manager and his team has been working with us for past 4 years. They built our entire Amazon empire and currently running them too. I often find myself arguing with them on how we should be doing things. I am glad that I am always wrong. Haha.

Jeremy Nuville 
Amazon Seller of Supplements, Halifax, Canada


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