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Product Branding, Photography & Images

When it comes to selling on Amazon or any eCommerce based business, Product Images are your most valuable asset. Your potential customers will make a purchasing decision based on what they see in their eyes as they are unable to look at the actual product. Here are some key points of our product branding, photography and images service:


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  • We do well researched Brand Logo, Product Label Design and other product related Artwork
  • We follow amazon’s strict image guidelines and create images as per their requirements
  • Before any photoshoot we do a thorough research on the niche and on the current top sellers to identify any opportunity where your product can do better than others
  • We have China & USA based studios. That means if you are souring from a supplier in China you can save time and money in shipping samples for photoshoot
  • After years of working with amazon sellers we have identified the key of high conversion actually lies within the other images you would upload apart from your main image. While amazon requires you to have your main image as white background you can do lifestyle images for the other ones. We focus on creating ‘In Use’ Lifestyle Images that helps customers to visualize and make the purchase
  • We always try to use technology to minimise expense and time spent in preparing images. For example say you are selling 30 different colors of bow ties that are made from same material. Instead of shooting all 30 of them separately we use photoshop to digitally change the color that 100% matches with sample color
  • For some products we do 3D Models as oppose to real images to showcase the product at its best. We also use human models and also can digitally use human hands and legs to showcase your product into an image
  • Infographics are great way to deliver the benefits and features of a product. We create 2 or 3 infographics in a 7 image package to maximise conversion


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