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What Do We Do?

We provide services to Amazon sellers that takes away the actual burden of selling on amazon. Here are some of the tasks we handle when it comes to ‘managing’ a seller account:

  1. Taking care of the Amazon and Shopify customer service (messages, emails) in a timely manner. 24X7X365
  2. Processing FBM (Fulfilment by Merchant) orders and Shopify orders via Multi Channel Fulfillment and through third party warehouses.
  3. Conduct daily check on listing health and make sure Product Title, Images, Bullet Points, Description/Enhanced Brand Content and listing backend information etc. are in place of where they meant to be. Amazon has a tendency of changing things without notice.
  4. Observe product ranking against different keywords. This is usually done as a part of split testing different ranking methods.
  5. Observe Reviews left by customers. Both good and bad. And address any negative review and reply to that review in way that would minimize the negative impact or actually turn the negative review to a positive one by offering a solution.
  6. Check on PPC campaigns and make changes accordingly to achieve best ACoS.

  7. Check on other paid advertising (Facebook/Adwords/Influencer Marketing) and make changes accordingly.
  8. Check daily on competitor pricing and other aspects so that we can stay ahead of game.

  9. Explore Lightning Deals opportunity and prepare + submission for Lightning Deal

  10. If you are an Amazon Exclusive Seller, we keep in touch with the Amazon's Exclusive team to take part in various promotional events.
  11. Take care of Inventory level and plan replenish/reordering with Suppliers in China or any other part of the world.
  12. Prepare 'Purchase Order' for suppliers and keep in touch with them to make suresmooth production process.
  13. Take care of QC process once the order is completed by supplier. Prepare documents for shipment and take required steps to make sure the batch arrives at FBA without any problem.
  14. We also take care of thousand other things that arises with any growing Amazon business.

Level of Involvement

Once we start managing you are in complete control of how much you want to involve yourself in managing and maintaining the account. Some of our sellers have given us full freedom in decision making when it comes to operation related matters. While some other sellers like to keep themselves engaged in the operation process. Over the time we both get to understand each of ours decision making process and eventually end up having complete confidence on each other.


We prefer to have at least 1 meeting per week via Skype call to update the client about the business and also plan for future tasks. Also we prefer the seller to be available via Whatsapp/Facetime in case of any critical situation.

Other Services

Apart from managing an ongoing amazon business we also help our clients with product research, finding suppliers, setting up Shopify or Woocommerce store, consultation on getting verified reviews, product photography from our China based studio, QC and factory visits in China etc.


How much it will cost you if you choose us to manage you amazon account. 


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